DHL – Germany DHL services company, is the market leader in the international express delivery industry.

Send range can be up to 220 countries and regions, covering more than 120000 destinations (main post code area) network, which provide mail and express delivery services to businesses and private customers.

Or logistics has deep and extensive cooperation with DHL, DHL is one class representative, agent for almost all DHL services, due to the large shipments, excellent service, therefore he wowed logistics DHL price advantage is obvious, quick delivery, DHL is one of the main agents in shenzhen area, strong cargo handling capacity, perfect logistics operation system, professional logistics operation team is the promoter of your success.


DHL international Courier price directly with the senior sales manager for my company.

DHL volumetric weight calculation formula is : long cm X wide cm X 5000 cm/high, if the goods is greater than the actual weight, volume weight is charged according to volume weight, either highly active.

DHL international Courier surcharge

Remote surcharge : express surcharge charged for remote areas to remote region (except the United States), the standard is: HKD 3.6 / KG, the lowest fee is hk $180 per ticket, remote surcharge will apply fuel surcharge.

Textile cost : 2011 Hong Kong trade department the latest regulations Only need an entrance card sent to the United States, for a ticket and 50 yuan (Nigeria meet textiles).

Fuel surcharge : general quotation including fuel (note: fuel additional cost will be different every month, please refer to the DHL’s official website, fuel surcharge fluctuations, a direct impact on the price fluctuations will follow)

The calculation method of super-long overweight surcharge as below

The same ticket goods (a DHL waybill), no matter how many pieces, as long as there is one or more than one side to the length of the more than 120 cm or actual weight more than 120 kg, HKDHL will charge HKD 250 / surcharge (such as the same tickets have three pieces of goods, actual weight is 50 kg, 80 kg and 200 kg respectively, were 10 * 50 * 130 cm, 50 * 100 * 125 cm, 100 * 150 * 150 cm, DHL charge a HKD 250 * fuel surcharge).

Refer to the aging

Package from DHL warehouse service, refer to the normal delivery time is 2-7 working days (this limitation for express mail to get to the Internet to the recipient receives the express check), except for special case! Delivery time to destination each has much to do with the customs clearance time and flight arrangement.
The DHL reference effect index

Cargo tracking

The DHL’s official website :
The compensation/insurance/other value-added services

The compensation standard

For less damaged pieces, out of stock, express mail, such as the recipient received express inconsistent weight, quantity, packages and damaged the express, please the recipient feedback received 24 hours of arrival destination DHL parcel lost or damage. And in 7 working days to the recipient in the local registration for the record number, accident proof for our company, in order to claim to DHL.

Such as via DHL after check, the highest compensation for free shipping, the compensation package of the declared value, the highest do not exceed 100 USD, damage or loss should be according to the actual loss amount the percentage of total compensation, but highest compensation does not exceed USD 100.

Caused by the customs spot check lost express Courier after the customs, the customs open the parcel check, may lead to goods in a parcel lost, postal parcels (in whole or in part) is missing, or seizure by customs. We do not assume any liability resulting.


We can act as purchasing agency insurance fees, please contact senior sales representative.

Matters needing attention

  • Item description
    Declare the goods need to fill in the actual name and quantity. Do not accept gifts or sample to declare.
  • Declared value
    DHL is not required for declared value, the customer can decide to fill in the amount of, advice according to the actual value of the goods declaration, lest produce high tariffs and a fine.
  • The recipient address
    DHL will not receive a P O BOX address, must provide the recipient phone, fill out the above information should be to use English, don’t accept any other languages.

Special note:

  • The goods sent to Nigeria, the single weight can not exceed 50 kg, single ticket not exceed 50 kg, suggested that split multiple tickets,
  • each ticket weight not more than 50 kg.
  • Express mail sent to Angola, single weight can not exceed 50 kg, single ticket is not more than 250 kg.
  • Sent to Tunisia piece cannot exceed 30 kg weight, single ticket does not exceed 40 kg.
  • Express mail sent to Algeria, piece cannot exceed 40 kg.
  • Sent to Ecuador, Lebanon, Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia must be stamped and original invoice customs clearance.

Please note that the DHL not accept any battery cargo in 29 countries under : Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brunei, Cambodia, Cyprus, Ecuador, Egypt, Georgia, Ghana, Gibraltar, Guam, guernsey, jersey, Kyrgyzstan, Marshall islands, Montenegro, Niger, Palau, South Africa and Tajikistan, Tunisia, and Uzbekistan, Comoros, the democratic republic of Congo, Cuba, Kosovo, Libya, Mayotte, Moldova.