The whole name of UPS is United Parcel Service Company, which is a global company, with one of the most famous and admirable trademarks, and also is the biggest express forwarding agent and package delivery company in the world.

As a transit port, Hong Kong has the obvious advantages. The scale of container terminal, frequent flights, and service efficiency related to the transit goods provided by Hong Kong, and other advantages determine the price, timing, stability, service and other advantages of UPS Hong Kong.

As the excellent agent of Shenzhen UPS, CDI Express Logistic provides the one-stop express business for all the customers, extremely saving the time for the customers. On the actual effect, compared with other agencies, it has the improvement of great degree, enhance its product competitiveness, which is another international transportation solutions operated by CDI Express Logistics for all the customers.

Cost Composing:

Price of UPS International Express

It can be directly inquired on the website of CDI Express Logistics, and also contact our company sales executive for quotations.

UPS Calculation Formula of Volume Weight is: length cm X width cm X height cm /5000, and calculation method of charging weight.

Compared the actual weight of single piece with the volume weight, takes the bigger one, and then add a sum (if there are A, B piece in one goods, the actual weights separately are A=15kg, B=8kg volume weights separately are A=10kg, B=16kg, and the charging weight is 15+16=31kg)

Surcharge of UPS International Express

Remote Surcharge : the express sent to remote area should add the surcharge for remote area, 3.5RMB/KG* fuel in the current month, and the lowest entry charges 171RMB* fuel in the current month.

The inquiry remote website of UPS is: our company. The operator will inquire whether it is remote area according to the zip code or city name, but the website inquiry is not accurate, and the final price should be subject to UPS bill.

If it is written remote on UPS bill, it will add the remote cost, and our company will automatically charge the remote cost for this express.

Fuel Surcharge : It should be subject to the surcharge published on UPS website, which is adjusted every month.

Tariff of UPS International Express

It should be subject to the detailed customs clearance fee (in general, the high declared value will generate higher tariff. If the declared value is much lower than the actual value, it also will generate the penalty duty). If the consignee rejects to pay the tariff, tariff will be automatically assumed by the sender.

Calculation Method of Surcharge for Irregular Package is as Follows :

The following goods shall pay RMB 40 per piece extra : (the following is repeated charge, as long as it complies with the charging condition, it will accumulatively charge for extra).

Any objects wrapped on the metal or wood consignment container.

Any cylindrical objects without full package of fluting paper, such as cylindern, drum, pail or tyre, etc.

The length of the longest side of any package exceed 152 CM or the length of the second longest side exceeds 76CM

The actual weight of any single piece goods exceeds 32Kg.

The following goods shall pay RMB 338*fuel/piece extra (if it is satisfied several of the following conditions, it only charge the cost once, but it will charge RMB 40/piece at the same time)

The longest side exceeds 270CM.

Length+ two width + two weight exceed 330CM (but it cannot exceed 419CM).

The actual weight of single piece exceeds 69KG.

Reference Time

The package has been calculated since it is delivered to UPS warehouse. The normal reference delivery time is 2-7 working days (the time is from the express uploaded on the website to the consignee received the express), except the special circumstances! The delivery time is very much to each customs clearance time and flight arrangement of the destination.

List of UPS Reference Time

Southeast Asia

North America



1-2 (working days)

2-3 (working days)

3-4 (working days)

4-7 (working days)

Track Service

After the goods have left the processing center of our company, on the same day through the port smoothly, you can inquire the receiving record on UPS inquiry website.

For UPS express, after processing the delivery, our company will generate the tracking No. Normally, it will be uploaded on the website within 2 working days after it is delivered from our company. After it is uploaded onto the website, the tracking No. provided by our company can be used as the reference information for real time tracking.

The inquiry method is as follows:

please login UPS International Express inquiry website:

Meanwhile, you can visit CDI Express Logistics official website for inquiry:

Compensation/Insurance/Other Value-added Service

Compensation Standard

For the Express of Missing Item, Lacking Item and Damaged

If the weight, quantity or pieces of the express received by the consignee is unconformity, please within 24 hours after receiving the package, the consignee should feedback to UPS in the destination about the lost or damages, and provide the filing No. in the local registration office and accident certificate for our company with 7 working days, so as for the investigation and claim of UPS.

If it is approved by UPS, the highest compensation is free of freight, compensation for the declared value of the package, but the highest is not exceeded USD 100. Part of damage or lost should be compensated according to the actual number of the percentage of the total loss, but the highest compensation is not exceeded USD 100.

The Express lost caused by the customs selective examination

When the express goes through the customs, the customs will open the parcel for inspection, which may cause the parcel lost, (all or part of) the inner items of parcel lost, or held by the customs. Our company will not assume any responsibilities for it.


Our company can purchase the insurance on your behalf. For the charge standard, please contact our sales executive.

Notes :

Item Description :

When declare the name of goods, it should fill in the actual name of goods and quantity, and it will not accept the gift or sample declaration.。

Declared Value :

UPS has no requirements on the declared value, so the customers can decide to fill amount by themselves. It is suggested to declare according to the actual declared value of goods, to avoid the high tariff and penalty.

Consignee Address :

UPS does not accept PO BOX address, and it has to provide consignee’s telephone. The above information should be filled in English, and it is not accepted other languages.