What is the inspection of goods?

Inspection is the process of product sampling, testing, measurement, and everything else done by inspection companies to determine the quality and quantity of goods in export and import. The importer receiving the product inspection certificate can be a guarantee of the health and safety of the purchased product.

Following the end of World War II and the global economic boom, international trade expanded and countries were able to export their products to the most remote parts of the globe. As a general rule, in this type of business, the buyer could not be certain of the compliance of the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the goods with the sales contract until the goods were received; thus, companies at the international level arose to solve this problem, and under the title of inspection companies, as the technical arm of the importers, they contributed to the global prosperity of the trade.

inspection of goods Source?

One type of commercial goods inspection is inspection at the point of source. In this inspection method, the experts of the goods inspection company are required to inspect the desired goods in a detailed and technical manner before entering the destination country and inspecting the goods at customs following the customs clearance process on behalf of the buyer of the goods. The accuracy of the information provided by the seller about the product has been confirmed, and the buyer is certain to purchase the product and then complete the purchase process and pay for it.

inspection of goods destination?

Purpose of inspection of goods?

Reasons for use inspection of goods.

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